When to Replace Your Roof


As always, many fields of work will have busy seasons and slower seasons. This can be a determining factor in your contractors pricing and availability. Here in South Florida, as any long time residents know, we have a fairly heavy rainy season. This is the busiest season for most roofing companies and is also the hardest time to do the work due to limitations from weather.

Completing your roof project from November to May is typically the best time to take care of your your re-roof, roof repair, or roof waterproofing project. Pricing will typically go down a little bit due to a slower work flow and ease of completing the project with less weather and rain issues to deal with. This will also have your new roof installed and in good shape for the upcoming hurricane season. It is always good to take care of your roof prior to hurricane season to minimize damage and give you the piece of mind that you have a safe roof on your home to protect your possessions and your family.

While your roof project can still be completed from June to October you may incur some delays from weather and from a busier schedule that your contractor must accommodate.

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