We get asked a lot of questions. So here are some of the questions that we get most often. If you have more questions or if you have suggestions for us, feel free to Contact Us.


Do you provide free estimates?

Yes! We will come out to your property, asses your roof, discuss your options, and then provide a complete written proposal for you to review.

Do you have to come to the property to give me a quote?

If your have a leak or know that the roof needs to be replaced, there is only so much information that we can provide without seeing it. The best way for us to give you a detailed and accurate bid, is to come inspect the roof. However, there are some options for providing a simple estimate without coming to the property. These estimates are always a ballpark number. If you decide to move forward with your project, we will need to come to the property to provide you with a revised estimate.

My roof is leaking, can you come fix it right now?

We will do our best to resolve your roof issue asap. But odds are we will not be able to arrive at your property for a minimum of 24 hours. We do not provide emergency or after hours services.

Do you provide a warranty with your work?

Yes. For every type of roofing project, we will provide a labor warranty. We will always stand by our work, because we are confident in our expertise and quality of work.

Waterproofing Roof Systems

Is coating an alternative to re-roofing?

Yes! Most roofs that are ready for a replacement can be coated for half the cost of a replacement. Coating with the R400 Rubber system guarantees you’ll never have to replace your roof again.

What is the warranty for coating my roof?

The warranty will vary with the type of waterproofing system you choose. For a premium waterproofing system installed on the entire roof covering, the warranty will be a minimum of 5 years. You can review our Waterproofing Systems page to compare warranties.

Will waterproofing my roof improve cooling costs?

Yes. All of the coating systems we install will greatly reduce cooling costs, if applied with a white top coat. Many customers have reported a cooling cost reduction of more than 30% after installation of a premium waterproofing system.

Our Company

How long have you been in business?

Atlantic Coast Contractors was formed in 2010.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes we are. We are licensed for roofing and general contracting in the entire state of Florida. Our state certified DBPR license numbers are CCC1329694, CBC1258427

Do you subcontract your work?

No. Every roof project is supervised by one of our foremen, each of which hold a minimum of 15 years experience. All of our work is done in-house to ensure the highest possible quality for every job.

Before Your Roofing Project

Will you handle permit filing for my project?

Yes. We will prepare and file all paperwork necessary to complete your roof project. We also have an in-house notary who will notarize all forms without the hassle of extra trips to a notary location.

How quickly can you start?

The time frame varies with the type of roof project. The permit issuance time frame varies greatly depending on the city and the time of year. For roof replacements we can usually start around 3-4 weeks after the contract is signed.

For roof repairs, we can typically start within 1 week or less. Once the contract is signed, we will do everything we can to stop any water from entering and further damaging your property, at no extra charge.

What deposits are required for my roofing project?

With a roof replacement, we will typically require 10% down to get the permit submitted. For waterproofing projects, we will require the cost of materials to be paid prior to start, and the labor cost to be paid upon completion.

During Your Roofing Project

Will you work on my roof every day until it is complete?

For the most part, yes. We will never leave your roof open to the elements. If we are unable to continue working on your roof due to weather restrictions, we will make sure that your roof is properly covered to prevent any damage. Sometimes materials will be back ordered and your roof project will have to be placed on hold until materials arrive. But if this is the case, we will stay in good communication with you and ensure that your roof is properly prepared for the wait.

How long will it take to complete my roof project?

The time frame varies greatly depending on the size of the roof and type of material being installed.

Will operations in my commercial building be effected?

Unless your building requires drastic repairs, the inside operations of your building will not be effected. We always do our best to minimize our presence so that activities around and in your building continue as usual. With a roof replacement, we always do our best to minimize any disturbance to your tenants or guests. With any waterproofing project, there will be no disturbance to your tenants or guests.

After Your Roofing Project

How long will my roof last?

We offer many types of roof replacement and waterproofing options with life cycles ranging from 5-35 years. It just depends on the type of roof.