Atlantic Coast Contractors offers roof maintenance and cleaning services for all types of roofs. There are several benefits to keeping your maintained and clean. Removing debris protects your building and surrounding property safe from potential hazards during strong wind storms. Pressure cleaning will effectively remove algae and mold, extending the life of your roof covering material.

Pressure Cleaning

Typically pressure cleaning will only be performed on coated/painted roofs or tile roofs. Pressure cleaning should never be completed on a shingle roof or a flat roof. When you pressure clean any granulated surface it will remove many granules and can loosen the bond of the existing granules that were not removed. For shingle roofs and flat roofs, the granules are what preserve the asphalt layer of the roof covering and prevent excessive damage from heat expansion and contraction. Once you have heavy granular loss you will start to see the deterioration on the roof covering accelerate rapidly. For these types of roof coverings we have cleaning options that will not damage your roof. There are many different products offered by local roofing material distributors which can be used on these types of roof coverings. Regardless of your roof cleaning needs Atlantic Coast Contractors will have a solution for you! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to get a free estimate on cleaning your roof!

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