Lucas #8000 is a single part roof coating that creates a resistant barrier to natural weathering. It is durable, breathable, watertight and weatherproof.

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What is Lucas #8000 Made Of?

Lucas #8000 is a 100% silicone coating with 98% solids. This means that only 2% of the material is not silicone resin or adhesives. With such a high-solids rating, the system is very strong and durable, and very little material (2% or less) will end up breaking down over time.

IMPORTANT: Because this is a silicone coating, it’s important to note that once this system is used on a roof coating, no other type of system can be used afterwards. For example, an acrylic based coating could not be used after applying this silicone coating. This is because no other type of coating will be able to bond correctly.

How it Works

When applying Lucas #8000, it’s very important to ensure that all the necessary prep work is completed thoroughly. The fist step is to pressure clean the roof covering with the approved Lucas roof cleaning detergent. This will ensure that you get the best bond possible. Once the roof surface is properly prepared, the 2 part silicone primer is mixed and installed to the entire roof covering. After the primer is cured, the 6″ polycloth strips are installed over each roof seam with the Lucas #8000 coating. Once all this prep work is completed, 2 coats of Lucas #8000 is applied to the entire roof. Once it cures, it will seal all cracks and voids, creating one cohesive coat, with no penetrations or seams. This is a very effective way to waterproof and seal an entire roof covering, making leaks and damage from storms a thing of the past.

How and Where Lucas #8000 is Used

The Lucas #8000 coating system is intended for the repair and restoration of asphalt, modified bitumen, metal, concrete, TPO, PVC, KEE(Fibertite), Hypalon (CSPE), PIB and EPDM roofs. This includes commercial and residential buildings.

Lucas #8000 Warranty

The Lucas coating system carries a very competitive warranty. Because the coating is made with such a high solids rate, it can easily last a long time and withstand the elements. Depending on the project, a manufacturers warranty will apply for 10-15 years. With periodic maintenance and re-coats every 10 years, this
roof warranty can be maintained indefinitely.

A 20 year warranty can be given when an additional coat of Lucas #8000 is applied to the roof covering. This additional coat builds up the silicone waterproofing system and will make the silicone coating much thicker. This can be applied to many different types of roof coverings, however in order to achieve the 20 year warranty, Lucas must approve the roof slope and attributes.

Lucas Certified Applicator

Atlantic Coast Contractors is a certified Lucas products applicator. We took the time to train and learn about the Lucas products to ensure that our work is expertly performed for every job. As a Lucas certified installer, you can rest assured that your roofing project is in the right hands. This will also ensure that Lucas will certify the roof warranty for each of our silicone roof coating applications.

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